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DUI Alcohol Treatment Programs; Substance Use Treatment Center; Drug Addiction Treatment Center; Intensive Outpatient (IOP) for substance use; Outpatient Treatment Center

Formal Assessments

We utilize a Comprehensive Bio / Psycho / Social Assessment along with various other screenings to determination severity of presenting problems along with determination of level of care needs. This formal assessment assesses an individual's family history, history of mental health related symptoms, comprehensive substance use history, treatment history, relationship history, vocational and living environment, along with various other dimensions of the individual's life as they pertain to substance use.

We offer substance use treatment services in an online environment where our clients are able to virtually receive the same treatment services as is offered to those in a traditional in-person setting. Telehealth treatment is ideal for those who may have health concerns, transportation difficulties, or live in a rural area that makes in-person treatment challenging.

Our therapeutic approach to serving our Clients is eclectic and dependent on individual needs. Modalities range from Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT / Mindfulness Skills Training, Person Centered, Gestalt, 12 Step Facilitation, EMDR, etc.  

Telehealth Treatment
Individual Therapy

Substance use doesn't just impact the user, it impacts everyone.  Seeking healing as a family helps
to provide recovery for all and stop the cycle of unhealthy family interactions.  Problems with secrets, anger, fear, anxiety, communication, and boundaries are just a few of the areas we can begin
working on as a family system as our loved one is working on their journey of healthy from a
substance use disorder. 

Couples & Family Therapy

We currently offer a wide variety of outpatient substance use groups including gender specific and trauma informed. All of these groups are two hours each and occur on a weekly basis. Depending on the specific group, the treatment duration is anywhere from 15 - 32 weeks and all based on assessment and individual need.

*A Client may be assessed as needing additional support and placed in more than
one Outpatient Group to provide increased support and treatment. 

IOP is held three days a week for 3 hours each session.  Additionally, Individual and Family Counseling occur the duration of time the Client is enrolled in treatment. IOP follows evidence-based practices and treatment is individualized for each Client we serve.  Clients establish a plan for recovery and care coordination is included when appropriate such as referrals for wrap around services like Individualized MAT (Medication Assisted Therapy).  IOP is designed to last between
12-15 weeks and targets substance use disorders along with any underlying mental health concerns such as trauma, codependency, anxiety, and depression to name a few. 

Treatment is facilitated by Masters level clinicians and sessions cover many topics such as:

  • Substance Use Disorders 101

  • Biological Prospective Progression and Patterns of Use

  • Process Addictions

  • Nutritional and Physical Health in Recovery

  • High Risk Behaviors

  • Trauma

  • Managing Mental Health and Co-Occurring Diagnosis

  • Externalization / Helplessness

  • Balancing Lifestyles

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment
Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Treatment
Treatment for DUI

Level II Education…Level II Education is 24 hours of DUI education over 12 weeks. Treatment is conducted in a group setting with no more than 12 Clients. Level II Education can be recommended by itself or may be followed by Level II Therapy. 

Level II Therapy…When Level II Therapy is required, it follows Level II Education and a Reassessment. Therapy varies in length from 5 to 10 months. 
TRACK A – 42 hours over 21 weeks
TRACK B – 52 hours over 26 weeks
TRACK C – 68 hours over 34 weeks
TRACK D – 86 hours over 43 weeks

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