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Treatment at Tangen Counseling
can be initiated in 5 simple steps!


1. Call our Admissions Team at Tangen Counseling (303) 385-5637.

2. Speak with a member of our Treatment Team who will conduct a Brief Phone Screening.

3. Tangen Counseling will verify your insurance coverage using the information you submit through our Insurance Verification Form. (This can be done before you initially reach out to Tangen Counseling.) If there is no coverage, other options will be reviewed and discussed.

4. Our Admissions Team at Tangen Counseling will assist you in scheduling your Initial Assessment. We make every effort to ensure that Clients are initially seen for their Intake Appointments within 7 days of the point the appointment was made.

5. Your treatment will begin after your Intake Appointment. We prefer that Clients start their treatment within 7 days of meeting with a member of the Clinical Team for your Initial Evaluation. 

Admission Process

DUI Alcohol Treatment Programs; Substance Use Treatment Center; Drug Addiction Treatment Center; Intensive Outpatient (IOP) for substance use; Outpatient Treatment Center

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